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Are you looking for a mortgage loan for your HDB, private residential, commercial, or industrial property? With the help of our Mortgage Advisor, you can compare mortgage loans between different banks and lenders in Singapore and get the lowest interest rate possible.

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Interest Rates






3M Sora + 0.5%


Tenure Period

Up to 30 Years

Loan Amount

Up to 75% LTV


Up to 55% for FLS


Up to 33% for FLS

Approval Process

As Fast As 7 Days

Loan Disbursement

1-2 Weeks From Approval

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HDB Mortgage Loan

Interest-Only Mortgage Loan

Condominium & Private Residential Loan

Mortgage Refinancing Loan

Commercial Mortgage Loan

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JTC Mortgage Loan

Industrial B2 Mortgage Loan

Retail Mortgage Loan

Business Capital Loan

Repricing Loan

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Interest-only Mortgage Loans in Singapore can help greatly reduce your monthly home mortgage payments.

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