About Us

About Us

Aiming to simplify tedious mortgage loan applications and processes for private and commercial properties in Singapore, Reach Capital, a subsidiary of Reach Group, created PropertyMortgageLoans.sg in order to disrupt the market with updated and customisable mortgage solutions to our clients.

PropertyMortgageLoans.sg specialises in home, retail, commercial, and industrial property mortgage and mortgage refinancing in Singapore. With more than 50 years of combined experience, we have designed smooth and smart mortgage solutions and processes perfect for those new to mortgage and who need to obtain a loan as quickly as possible.

Our Mission

It is our mission to ensure you get the best mortgage loan solutions promptly. We want to foster a trusting relationship between you, the client, and our company, by always remaining accountable and contactable. We are confident that our solutions are attractive, flexible, and highly customisable in order to better fulfill your ever-changing needs.

Core Values

Our core values are at the cornerstone of our service. The branches of our businesses form one cohesive group, and our group is tied together by our values. We go up collectively and continually, to keep effective in our service, purposeful in our actions, and wise in our decision-making.


The world as we know it is constantly changing, and with it, our definition of what is relevant. We remain adaptable in these fluid times, to quickly meet your financial needs, within the new world that is emerging. From the beginning, we have built a system of service that is responsive to your needs.


Being truthful forms the bedrock of our character and you can be confident in our staff to help you. We hire experts in their respective fields and you can rely on our knowledge and know-how, to guide you through your mortgage journey. Honest computations, no hidden costs, and straightforward financing terms are the foundation of our success.


Being a modest-sized company enables us to focus on staff development. Outstanding assistance is necessary so that we can hold our own in the field, ready to come along when you most need us.


While the global landscape continuously transforms at a fast rate, there is a call for mindfulness. We commit to being deliberate in every step, so the process of arriving at your needs is smooth and hassle-free. Our track record is kept clean because through the years we have learned to streamline our processes and eliminate redundancies. Taking advantage of our lean structure ensures a fast and efficient mortgage process for you.